Terrorism has a religion and that is ISLAM

We are living in the world where there is no guarantee that you are safe and sound. Every day, when I browse the websites of News channels and watch television, I come across several incidents of terrorist attacks in different ...

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Indian terrorist under the guise of Intellectuals: Right Time to punish them


Terrorism is a global problem and if I am not wrong, India is the biggest victim of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Asia. When Englishmen left India in 1947, they divided United India into two different nations- India and Pakistan. Since ...

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Secular Media cries foul At Arnab Goswami : A big blow to the credibility of Indian Media organizations


Recently, Arnab Goswami (the editor-in-chief and news anchor of  the Indian news channel Times Now and ET Now ), conducted the interview of Indian Prime Minister Modi on 27 June , 2016 and asked a number of questions related to various ...

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Page 3 Iftar party: A political tool to make Muslims fool

Arvind Kejriwal Iftar Party

Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan is going on and a momentum of page 3 “IFTAR PARTY” (Better call it Political Iftar party) is at its best among Indian politicians who call themselves secular and proclaim that they are the well-wishers ...

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Islamic fanaticism and terrorism Hit Bangladesh hard

terrorism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a small Islamic country in Asia, has been in international Media headlines for last couple of years due to bad reasons. Almost on daily basis, we come across the news of the killing of Secular Muslim bloggers, Non-Muslims, poets, ...

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BREXIT: A Big Blow to EU and the USA Monopoly


I have been living in NEW DELHI, India’s capital since last one decade and during my interactions with several highly educated locals, they say: They have a dram to settle in the UK. Why, people around the world are so ...

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India’s NSG bid fiasco: A close observation

benefits of nsg membership to india

In last week, India’s membership bid hit media headlines all across the world. Millions of patriotic Indians were hopeful that Indian will successfully get into the elite club of NSG, but unfortunately, due to strong opposition from China, India could ...

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Watch Narendra Modi interview with Arnab Goswami Times Now Here

modi arnab interview 2016

PM Modi in Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami interview shared his opinion on several issues. This time Arnab Goswami did complete justice to ‘The Nation Wants To Know’ and we can say, because it’s the first time ever that PM ...

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Arvind kejriwal: A corruption friendly politician with loud noise

Arvind Kejriwal most corrupt politician in India

Arvind kejriwal, the chief Minister of New Delhi, is the only politician in India, who enjoys sensible and excessive Media coverage in the country. Every day, when we browse the websites of Indian News channels and papers, listen to radio ...

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Top 10 quotes from Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat-June 2016

mann ki baat modi highlights June 2016

PM narendra modi spoke on a number of issues like Yoga, ISRO, Emergency during the latest edition of Mann ki Baat. “I feel proud to see the contribution of our young students’s contribution in the field of science and technology. ...

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