India hits Pakistan sponsored terrorism hard, Panic & Horror Across Pakistan


After Uri Attack, in which 20 brave Indian soldiers were martyred by Muslim terrorists of Pakistan, an ISLAMIC TERRORIST COUNTRY, there is a wave of anger and hatred against Pakistan and most of the people were of the view that ...

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China Unnecessarily Lecturing India, But Silent on its Own Crimes


Our Dear readers, after successful surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, conducted by the brave and bold soldiers of Indian army, ISLAMIC TERRORIST COUNTRY Pakistan is filled with profound anger and hatred against India and it’s Army has been breaking ...

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Rodrigo Duterte: A Politician in Action, Bad Time for America and European Countries


Western countries have a bad habit of interfering unnecessarily in the matters of other countries. They have been doing this since long and this time, they poked Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has launched a brutal and callous crackdown on ...

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China- A stupid Country that supports Islamic terrorism against India


Our dear Readers, it’s true that China is our neighboring country and is almost 3 times bigger than India. Both, India and China has diplomatic relationship, but people from both sides are not in touch with each other because of ...

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Power Struggle in Samajwadi Party : Akhilesh’s Reputation is at Stake

akhilesh-yadav-rapes in up

UP is a big, but undeveloped state and you can hold Mulayam, Mayawati and in fact, the common public of UP, responsible for the backwardness of this state. Just like Bihar, UP is infamous in India and abroad for its ...

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Is katju a stupid Fellow?

Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, who is notorious for his controversial and meaningless statements, is once again opened the shutter of his dirty mouth and pumped out hatred towards the people of Bihar by making an Anti-national comment. In ...

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Presstitutes: How to deal with the false propaganda of INDIAN MEDIA?

Presstitutes India

There was a time when being a journalist was a matter of great prestige, honor, and social appreciation. Young students always wished to become a journalist and speak for the truth. But, now a day, the meaning of journalism has ...

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India boycott SAARC Summit in Pakistan: MEA

Stepping up its diplomatic offensive to isolate Pakistan globally following the Uri terror attack, India would not take part in the upcoming South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit in Islamabad in November. SAARC meet will be held from ...

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How Modi Government can tackle Pakistan’s Proxy war Against India effectively without Going for war?


As tension between India and Pakistan (An Islamic terrorist country) is Everest high after terrorist attack in Jammu Kashmir, Indians have reminded the central Government in India to teach Pakistan a good lesson and allow brave Indian soldiers to Cross ...

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Muslim Appeasement policy hits Angela Merkel hard, But How?


Our Dear Readers, currently we are living in the World where MUSLIM APPEASEMENT is one of the most frustrating and irritating problems for almost all people who belong to Non-Muslim communities.  This beautiful word is flooded with terrorist activities done ...

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