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Is the World Heading Towards World War 3?


Dear Readers, The relation between Russia and West is strained and tensed and it seems that they can go for a full scale military confrontation anytime soon. Both Russia and America are confronting each other in Syria in the name ...

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The Hindu:  An Anti-Hindu Paper by Nature


Our Dear readers, Media corruption is now a reality. We can’t deny it. We have seen several cases, wherein so called journalists and Media persons who try to manufacture fake News- From a child by tempting him of some bucks ...

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NAMO Through the Eyes of a Common Indian- Promises vs Action Taken


Our Dear Readers, Do you feel India is really under Modi’s wave?  I don’t know your exact feelings, but I am quite sure that are some self proclaimed revolutionary politicians, secular leaders, Media workers and outlets, so called writers, ambassadors ...

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An open letter by Chartered Accountant to Arvind Kejriwal on Demonetisation


Sir, I am a practising Chartered Accountant, aged 28, in Surat and I was hoping you would support the notification for demonetization of currency and was very eager for your reaction. Since your entry into politics you have supported every ...

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America plays Trump card, Media propaganda did not work for Hillary


Our  Dear readers, Donald Trump won USA presidential Election and became 45th USA president with clear mandet despite all negative media campaign against him.Trump’s win is a big blow to American seculars, Media prostitutes, fund providers of Hillary, Muslim and ...

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Modi Govt shuts down NDTV for 1 Day for Leaking Sensitive Information to Pakstani Terrorists

NDTV Ban for one day

Our Dear Readers, once again NDTV India is in News for bad reason-Disclosing Sensitive defense related data to Muslim terrorists of Pakistan during Pathankot attack earlier this year in which 7 brave soldiers of Indian Army lost their life while combating ...

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NaMo Calendar 2017: Have You Checked this Motivational & Energetic Calendar?


If Putin can have a calendar, why can’t our Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi have one too? So here it is, folks, 2017 NaMo Calendar! Every Indian will admit, at least in private, if not openly, that we have a sincere, ...

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8 Muslim terrorists killed in police Encounter and double standards of Congress, AAP and Pseudo Seculars


It seems that Modi government in India is fully prepared to crush Islamic terrorism in all possible manners and with iron hand. The government of India has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards Islamic Hooliganism and that is why; We are witnessing Good ...

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All 8 SIMI Terrorists who had escaped from jail have been killed in an encounter


Police killed eight suspected members of the banned Students Islamic Federation of India (SIMI) in Madhya Pradesh in an encounter on Monday, hours after they escaped from a high-security jail in Bhopal. Bhopal inspector general of police Yogesh Chaudhury told ...

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Is Putin’s Russia India’s True Friend? Thing Again


Both India and Russia are said to be true friends and both of these two countries have healthy relationship. Russia has been helping India in many ways and in return, India also supports Russia through several means. Recently, this intimate ...

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